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Mack Emerman

Mack Emerman (1923 - 2013)

In 1958 Mack designed and built a 30' x 50' studio in North Dade called Criteria Recording Studios. As the studio grew in physical size and respectability the obvious need for better equipment became Mack's drive. Through the technical grapevine Mack met Jeep Harned. Mack's soul mate for life, Jeep not only had the desire for state of the art equipment, he had the ability to actually design and built it!

A dream come true, Jeep founded MCI and was on his way to becoming the world's largest manufacturer of professional studio equipment. As Mack and Jeep's relationship grew, their respective companies did too. MCI broke new ground by offering complete studio packages including mulit-track tape machinesas well as large format recording and mixing consoles. The Albert Bros. have said "We believe that South Florida became the recording capital it is today because of the early efforts of Mack and Jeep. Without their support, we would never have had the opportunities to make hit records".